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Portal URL and Login Information


Use the following URL below to access the MyTBB Information Portal.

All users are required to login to access the website.  Current portal users will receive an email with their new user login credentials.  Most users will keep their current username but all passwords will be changed.


The current portal will be active for 30 days after the initial release of the new website.  


Website Navigation


The Website layout has been updated and will be a "One Stop Shop" for applications, reports and web tools.  This enables users to quickly navigate Portal Application Links based on their group profile.   The Website is divided into three sections: Quick Links, Applications and Documents / Reporting Tools.


Key Application and Report Enhancements


As all applications and reports have been rewritten most will remain the same in functionality.  The learning curve will be minimal and have been designed for ease of use.  Below are guides to applications that have changed or have been combined with other applications.  

MyTBB Portal Feedback

Navigation Block: Quick Links

Documentation: Replaces the Contact Tab on the Dealers Sales Portal.  Use to provide site feedback and report application errors.

Dealer Issues

Navigation Block: Quick Links

Documentation: Replaces the Asist Issues and C2 Rapid Response on the Dealers Sales Portal.  Use to provide site feedback for Asist Software or Saf-T-Liner C2 issues.


Training Calendar

Navigation Block: Quick Links

Documentation: View the Thomas Built Training Calendar.  The calendar now displays all training dates for the year. You no longer have to search month by month to view class information.



TBB News

Navigation Block: Applications

Documentation: Accessing the TBB News link from the applications section will display an archive of all past news bulletins.  News articles that are 7 days old to current can be quickly accessed from the news section on the Main Home Page.  A News Alert feature has been added to identify articles that are of high importance.  



(ESP) Electronic Service Parts - C2 and NonC2

Navigation Block: Applications

Documentation: ESP has been updated to allow users to utilize one application for C2 and NonC2 Bill of Material.  You no longer have to pre-determine the type of vehicle and selecting the correct application to the view the data.  Simply enter a Body# or VIN to display information for C2 or NonC2 registered vehicles.  



  1. Enter a Body# or VIN and click “Find Unit Info” to look up the vehicle information

  2. If type of unit is a C2 the Tree View will display the serviceable sales codes contained on the unit.  NonC2 Tree View will list BOM Modules for Body and Chassis Information.

  3. Clicking the Sales Code or Body Module will display the Part BOM.


Other tree nodes allow you to access the Body Header, BOM Report, Seating Plan, Major Components (NonC2 only with TBB Chassis), Seating Options, Module Reference and C2 Operating Manual (C2 Only).


Navigation Block: Applications

Documentation: Click the Registrations link to access vehicle registration information.  


Click Show Claims or Show Recalls for Additional Info


Order Lookup

Navigation Block: Applications

Documentation: Quickly identify current order information. Have the option to export data to Excel Format.



  1. Check the fields you would like to view on your report.  Enter any search criteria in the fields provided.  Try to keep search parameters to a minimum.  This eliminates “No Data Found” errors when parameters counter act each other.  The also reduces the search time.

  2. Click View Order Info to display the results.  If you check “Display in Excel” the report will open the results in an Excel Spreadsheet.  

    The results shown below are examples of the new WIP Tracking Feature.  Each order will display a tracking status depending on the order’s work in process location.

    Another new feature is the Schedule Change Notification.  If an order has been moved within the Production Schedule and the Order will be flagged with the designated color status.  

    Red – Firm schedule move within a 7 week window. 
    Yellow – Orders moved that are scheduled in the 8 to 16 week window.
    Green – Orders moved that are scheduled out 17 weeks or greater.

    ***Test Data Used in Sample Above


  1. Saving report parameters (My Reports) within the Order Lookup.  This allows you to save your most popular parameters you use when running reports.  This does not save the report data, only the parameters used to populate the report.  

    Creating a new report:
    Select “—Create New Report—“ from the dropdown box under My Reports.  This clears all current field selections and parameters in the input boxes.  Simply check the fields you want viewed in the report and input the parameters you are querying against.  Click the Save Icon under My Reports to bring up the Save Dialog Box.  Enter your report name, check if you want to share the report and check if you want to save the report parameters.  

    Click the Save Button and click the Close Link.  You report now has been saved and it can be accessed by selecting it from the drop down box.

    Copying a Report:  Select the report you want to copy from the drop down box.  Click the Save Icon to open the Save Dialog Box.  Check “Copy Report” checkbox and enter a new report name.  Click the Save Button.  The new report is now listed in the My Reports dropdown box for you to access the next time you use the Order Lookup Tool.

    Deleting a Report: Select the report you want to delete from the drop down box.  Click the Delete Icon and click Ok to the delete the report.  It will be removed from the dropdown list.

Publication Documents, Training Tutorials Application Guide

Documentation: Training Guides and Publication Documents have been broken down into different page categories making it easier to find the document or training guide you need.  All publication applications use a Tree Structure that allows you to find documents similar to the way you find files on your PC.  The image below is an example of how you use the applications.



Applications that use this Tree Structure type navigation are as follows:


Quick Link Section – Asist Training Tutorials, Electronic Service Publication Tutorials, Service Training Tutorials


Documents / Reporting Tools Section – Product Awareness Bulletins, Product Service Bulletins, Recall Documents, TBB Reference Material, TBB Service Manuals, Tech Tips, VON Documents

Dealer Sales Additional Apps

Documentation: “Additional Apps” links are dispersed among the three content sections on the Main Home Page.  


Quick Links section includes: Asist Training Tutorials


Applications section includes: Citrix Client Version 9.023, Customer Proposal, Order Lookup, Pre-1995 Sales Orders, Seat Plan Search Tool.  


Reporting Tools section includes:  Packages by Model of Sub-region Report, Paint Options Designs, TCE Delivery Commitment


Web Browser Requirements


In order to access the Thomas Built Buses MyTBB Dealer Portal, your browser MUST be set up to use javascript, cookies and Flash 6.0+. All modern browsers support these features. Personal and network firewalls, if present, can also affect cookies and javascript functions.

Settings in Internet Explorer should be privacy = medium and security = medium. Other browsers will work with their default settings.

Trusted Sites should be added to Trusted Sites under Tools->Internet Options->Security Tab. The security for Trusted Sites should be set to Low.

Browser Compatibility
The MyTBB Portal has been tested against and found to work with:

Other modern browsers should work equally as well but may loose functionality with some portal applications.